Newspaper Printing House – Yedioth Ahronoth

Printing houses invest greatly in humidity control solutions to ensure that all rolls of paper maintain a specific temperature and degree of humidity. Paper that is exposed to humidity tends to curl and become wavy or sticks to other paper during the printing process. In order to avoid this, talcum powder is often dusted over the paper prior to be placed in the newspaper printing machine.
The conventional method used for maintaining paper, which was previously also used by the Yedioth Ahronoth printing house, was to install chillers for cooling the production halls and the storage areas, and gas-based heaters for heating water. The air would re-enter the room at the same temperature, minus the humidity that had been drained out through the pipelines.

בית דפוס

  • Cutting-Edge Humidity Control

    Our project included a comprehensive plan for replacing gas and chiller systems with cutting-edge systems that enable simultaneous heating and cooling, using residual heat to create heat. The entire system is computerized to precisely control and maintain the optimal temperature and humidity that will preserve the paper and enable efficient performance within the printing halls.