Designing & Developing Energy Efficiency Applications

After years specializing in the planning and execution of energy efficiency projects, using advanced heating and cooling systems, Super Galaxy began developing smart technologies based on the company’s vast experience and knowhow in providing innovative energy solutions for a range of fields. The company presently supplies unique solutions for three main areas: Smart greenhouses, air conditioned poultry coops and efficient launderettes. These solutions optimize energy consumption from a physical and cost-related point-of-view.
  • Efficient Launderettes

    Launderettes consume large amounts of energy. Running a launderette requires hot water, air conditioning, clothes drying, and water recycling.
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  • Air Conditioned Chicken Coops

    The name of the game is raising poultry in a suitable and controlled climate to create appropriate living conditions, prevent the spread of disease, shorten the growing period, and improve the end product.
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  • Smart Greenhouses

    High quality greenhouses create an optimal profile of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels and control of the dew.
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