Energy Conservation

When we hear the term “energy conservation”, we usually think about reducing energy consumption in our homes by setting the air conditioner to a moderate temperature, turning off electrical appliances, using the washing machine and dishwasher at night, and so forth. Yet for commercial and industrial buildings, energy conservation is a serious business that can be quantified in heavy, ongoing costs. When it comes to these types of organizations and institutions, cutting-edge technology is the name of the game.
  • Replacing Gas-Based Heating Systems with Energy-Efficient Systems

     This title does not lie. We are used to thinking that gas is less expensive than electricity, which is why industrial plants often use gas-based systems to produce energy. However, when a plant, hotel, launderette or printing house needs to heat and cool at the same time, this is a classic case where one of these needs (heating or cooling) can be produced at zero cost. In hotels, for example, the cooling system (air conditioning) works together with the water heating system (gas-based boilers). In hospitals, hi-tech plants, cleanrooms and industrial plants, cooling energy is consumed to control humidity while heating energy is consumed to ensure a comfortable work environment for the employees. In other words, energy is consumed twice: for cooling and for heating, for heating water and cooling air, for controlling humidity and heating spaces.
    (חום וקור (אילוסטרציהBy employing smart technologies that take advantage of residual heat and cold, energy produced for heating can also be used for cooling, just as energy produced for cooling can be used for heating. Using our state-of-the-art technology, large buildings can consume electricity for cooling – with the added benefit of free heating – and vice versa.
    Super Galaxy has already implement dozens of projects where energy is produced with double the usual efficiency: Water that is heated for free to a temperature of 45°C, through heat recovery, is then heated to 80°C using a special booster heat pump.
  • Funding Energy Efficiency Projects

    Large projects that are expected to achieve significant energy savings, based on our plans and designs, are eligible for a range of payment plans, including long-term installment, the shared savings model, and “energy sales”. These funding plans enable companies to achieve energy efficiency even if they do not have the initial finances to do so.
    Super Galaxy has the necessary financial backing to fund large-scale projects.
    For more information about payment plans and energy efficiency, please contact us at: +972-3-9518399.