Efficient Launderettes – A Variety of Applications, Less Energy

Launderettes are large energy consumers that require energy for heating, cooling and recycling water.

תוף של מכונת כביסה
  • Energy Consumption

    Energy consumption in launderettes is used for:

    • Operating washing machines and heating water for high temperature washes
    • Operating clothes dryers
    • Preventing water waste by recycling the dirty water from washing machines
    • Air conditioning for the employees who work in an extremely hot and humid environment, to ensure comfortable and productive working conditions
  • How does it even work?

    Gas-based boilers are usually used to heat water in launderettes. In order to achieve very hot water for white washes, electric heating elements may be installed inside the washing machine, leading to a large waste of energy.
    The clean wet clothes are then dried using gas that heats the air to about 90°C. This hot air enters the drum section of the dryer, absorbs humidity, and is expelled from the machine as damp, hot air.
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  • Using Gas is More Expensive than Using Residual Heat

    Supposedly, gas is cheaper than electricity, which is why gas is often used wherever possible. However, our cutting-edge systems refute this widespread belief. The truth is that using gas for heating purposes wastes energy and in unnecessary. We take advantage of the residual heat that is emitted from 4 pipe and 6 pipe air conditioning units. In other words, this free “heating” leads to significant savings on energy consumption.
  • Green News – And Recycled Water

    Together with Veridis, that holds 25% of Super Galaxy, we also perform recycling of the water that was used for washing the laundry. The water is purified and returned to the system, without entering the drainpipes, and without polluting the environment with detergents and chemicals. About 70-80% of the water is recycled.