Innovation & Development

Air Conditioned Chicken Coops

Nowadays, people recognize that even poultry that is raised for meat should be raised in appropriate living conditions throughout their life cycle. The application that was initiated and developed by Super Galaxy significantly improves the living conditions within chicken coops, enhances the quality of the meat, and contributes to the environment through saving on energy.

לול פטם
  • Problems with Poultry Raising

    Poultry intended to become meat is raised in integrated coops that cover about 2,500 square meters of land. They are raised for a period of 45 days until becoming mature birds. During this period, they are extremely sensitive to the temperature and quality of air inside the coop, as ammonia fumes are emitted from the poultry waste. 
    A young chick needs to live in a warm environment of 22-24°C. Although the optimal temperature profile changes, there are currently no climate control systems in coops, as it would be extremely expensive to integrate a suitable system over such a large area of land. In the summer, “damp” mattresses are often placed inside the coops to lower temperatures, while in the winter, gas heating is used to increase temperatures. These solutions are not efficient and do not provide the appropriate living conditions for the poultry.
    1. The quality of the air inside the coops continues to decrease as more and more ammonia is emitted
    2. The temperature inside the coop is inconsistent, leading to overcrowding and an increased rate of mortality
    3. As a result of the inappropriate living conditions, the animals do not put on enough weight and the growers are required to provide additional feed
    4. In each growing cycle, farmers lose up to 30% of their poultry due to inappropriate living conditions

  • Appropriate Living Conditions – Our Solution

    Super Galaxy has developed an application for revolutionizing poultry coops. Our solution is based on simultaneous cooling and heating of 100% outside air. The core idea is based on the difference between the height of the coop (about 2.5 meters) and the height of the poultry (about 0.5 meters). By taking advantage of these height differences, we can create a high-speed flow of cold (air conditioned) air, in the direction required. The air that is polluted with ammonia is emitted outside the building. On the way, it begins to cool the outside air using air-to-air heat exchangers. All systems are computerized in order to achieve the optimal temperature according to the age of the animals throughout their life cycle, and are programmed to change at a linear rate.
  • Appropriate Living Conditions are Cost Effective

    Thanks to the application we developed, you can raise your poultry “by the book”. Our smart systems, combined with a unique method that we developed for climate control and air freshening can significantly decrease your costs:

    • Decreased growing cycles from 45 days to 40 days
    • Up to 30% less feed necessary
    • Lower energy costs
    • Significant decrease in mortality rate of poultry
  • Glatt-Kosher Chicken

    When it comes to Glatt-kosher poultry, your profits could be even larger. After the slaughter, a sample of these birds are examined to check their lungs. As mature birds are more disease prone because of the ammonia they inhale overtime, farmers prefer to sell the poultry when it is smaller. However, with appropriate living conditions, you can continue to raise the poultry until it reaches the desired size, thereby achieving a greater profit for larger, heavier birds.